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Presents the New PS250-32W Packaged Water Telemetry SCADA System

Have Full Control Over Your System

1-Call or contact us for radio frequency information.

The PS250-32W is designed to control and monitor up to 32 Remote Telemetry Units. The PS250-32W is expandable up to:
  • 8 Tank Remote Telemetry Units
  • 8 Duplex Booster Pump Station Remote Telemetry Units
  • 8 Single Well Remote Telemetry Units
  • 8 Tank/Well Combination Remote Telemetry Units.

The Master Unit:

  • User Friendly
  • Easy HMI Navigation
  • Monitor Tank Levels
  • Pump(s) Control
  • Select which Pumps fill which Tanks
  • Monitor Station Pressures
  • Interrupt pumps based on pressures
  • High/Low Level Alarms
  • Pump(s) Status and Runtime
  • RTU Flow and Flow Total
  • RTU Security feature

Master C More

Buy only what you need, you can expand the system later if necessary.
You won't be locked in to a system that no longer meets your needs.
If a new RTU is added, you simply go through your setup menu again to add it in!

coming soon

A full Wonderware HMI for the PS250-32W System

Wonderware HMI

Here is a short video presentation on the system.

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