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This is a complete system installed at the public works office in Cape Girardeau, Mo. The small square at the top of each screen is a reserved area for a picture in picture so they can watch a radar image while navigating through the screens. The system has eleven remote units, some monitoring only rainfall amounts while others monitor a creek or retention basin level.

Overview Screen

The Overview screen allows them to monitor all the stations in the system at one time. A navigation screen to the right allows them to change screens for more detail on a particular RTU. If the system has an alarm, the green box around the station with the alarm flashes red, an audio alarm goes off, and it is logged at the bottom of the screen in a list. There is also an alarm history page that shows all alarms that have been logged since the system was last started.

RTU Screens

The RTU screens give them more detail about each remote unit. A real-time trend chart allows them to chart a rise in levels over a period of time, and a setpoint input box allows them to set the level at which an alarm will sound on the system.
Mt. Auburn Rd Bridge

Solar Site

The LaSalle basin is a large retention basin north of town in a remote area. Installation of power was cost prohibitive, so a solar powered site was chosen. Since power is limited, communications with the site can be turned off and on at the master to prevent needless battery drain in fair weather. It can also skip communication polls to reduce battery drain but still report a level if needed.
Solar RTU

Rainfall Screen

This screen shows all of the rainfall gauges located around the city on a map. The gauges can be reset to zero after a rain and they can see where the heavier concentrations of rainfall were in the city.
Rainfall Map


The Trending Screen allows all of the creek levels to be charted in one place, and allows historical data to be reviewed. A different colored pen is assigned to each RTU.
Trending Chart


Having a hard copy of all this information can be helpful in many ways. This screen lets them print out a report for any time period they may need.
Reports page


Monitoring the security of the RTU panel or building the panel is in, along with operator check-in time at the push of a button. If a panel is opened and the check-in pushbutton is not pressed, a security breach alarm is set at the master. False breaches are easily cleared at the master if an operator forgets to press the check-in button at the RTU.

Analog Calibrations

Each level transducer has a different range it operates in. This screen allows each one to be calibrated from the Master. Level offsets above or below the current level can be entered, and it also has a power reset button to momentarily interrupt power to the transducer to recover from a lost echo or similar problem.
Analog Calibration

Picture in Picture

Here is a photo of the display showing the picture in picture feature.

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