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Posted 5-6-09 logo 4

How would you like to have an inexpensive way to view and control your system from any computer connected to your Intranet or the Internet and have the ability to send email and/or text messages (when connected to the internet) to selected personnel when an event or alarm occurs.

No more staring at the screen to see if there is an alarm. This system can notify multiple people, via email account or text messages to their cell phone, on selected alarms or events.

C-more network
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Scenario: The operator leaves the plant for the evening and goes home. He gets a SMS text message on his cell phone that spells out, for example " SCADA System - Tank # 1 Low Level Alarm" . He can then go on the Internet, enter the web address for the SCADA System, log on, via User Name and Password, and see and control the screens and the system, as if he were standing in front of the real unit.

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